Three ways to learn
the Bulgarian language online.
One of them is absolutely free!

You can refund 100% of payment, if something went wrong.

Start introduction

Current training option contains an almost complete grammar video course (levels A1, A2, B1 and B2*) plus some exercises from paid training.

This option allows you to get the most general ideas about the language and can hardly claim to be a full-fledged training manual.

However, if you are already in the country and have to practice the language every day, here is someone nearby who is ready to explain to you patiently and persistently “what is it” and why “ they don’t say that way here”, why not to try? Moreover, you can switch to other training options at any time and at any level.

*(currently only levels A1 and A2 are available).

"Self study"

Apart from the complete grammar video course, this option offers a sufficient number of interactive tests and exercises, as well as the most essential vocabulary.

While having fun, you’ll be able to easily understand and memorize grammar rules and new vocabulary.

The training material contains the most frequently used words and expressions. As examples, we role-play everyday life scenarios: shopping in a store, dialogues with neighbors, meeting new friends, etc.

This option is ideal if you have the possibility to have extra conversational practice.

"With a teacher online"

No doubt, this is the most effective way of studying.

We’ve managed to reduce the price as much as possible thanks to the optimal balance between self-studying with a computer simulator and online classes with a teacher.

To do this, most of the teacher's routine work is delegated to the computer.

The teacher gets involved only where the machine is still ineffective:

--speech practice;

--writing skill development (helping with writing texts and checking the papers written);

--answers to "tricky" questions.


Сравнение вариантов (способов) обучения

Содержание Ознакомительный Самостоятельное изучение С преподавателем онлайн
Стоимость обучения БЕСПЛАТНО €69
уровень A1 - €259
уровень A2 - €329
Интерактивные упражнения, для объяснения и закрепления теории 100% в первых двух уроках, менее 5% - в последущих 100% 100%
Тестовые задания < 5% 100% 100%
Функция “Мой словарь”:
Функция "Мой словарь":
максимальное число слов
12 не ограничено не ограничено
Доступ к электронному словарю
Тренировка восприятия языка “на слух”
Ситуационные диалоги (примеры)
Ситуационные диалоги (разговорная практика)
Тренировка навыков написания текстов
Контроль и исправление ошибок речи
Разговорная практика
100 % возврат оплаты без необходимости объяснять (обосновывать) причину отказа оплата отсутствует в течении 3-х дней, после получения доступа в течении 3-х дней, после получения доступа